Ups and Downs

It’s been a year of ups and downs, heartaches and joy, sadness and laughter, failures and triumphs. It’s been a year of hard work and sacrifices, but when you look at the picture of this lovely boy, each one of us know from the bottom of our hearts, it was so worth it!

Clarence, came to us injured and completely feral. He was TNR’d and returned to his colony, where one day he decided he liked his human, and the rest is history. He is now in a forever home, where he is completely spoiled and well loved.

Ca-R-Ma: Sackville

Today, as we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we would like to celebrate the 160 cats and kittens that we’ve had the honor of being able to make a difference in their lives because of everyone of you who have supported our cause this year.

A heartfelt thank you, and a very Happy New Year to all of you from all the volunteers of CA-R-MA Sackville Chapter, but especially from all the cats and kittens.