Panleukopenia media Coverage, June 2019

In the spring of 2019,  tragedy struck the Carma moncton chapter with dozens of severe cases of Panleukopenia (Feline Parvrovirus). This virus is a severe form a gastro-intestinal infection that causes extreme dehydration and is often deadly to cats, but especially vulnerable Kittens. Although the volunteers and fosters at Carma Moncton provided exemplary supportive care and veterinary inpatient care assistance when needed to the affected cats, multiple adult cats and kittens lost their battle with this deadly virus.

In a plea for help, the media coverage from this tragic event has rallied the local community together and people generously offered their support to our upcoming fundraising events and we received many generous donations.

There are still many cats in our care and a few kittens still fighting their battle with Panleukopenia. We need your help. Please see our upcoming events on the News section of the webpage, or please follow our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/carmamoncton/ for more information of how you could help save lives today!