Pictou Chapter

On October 15, 2011 Pictou became the 9th chapter of Cat Rescue Maritimes.

Our resolution to the cat overpopulation in Pictou is the trap, neuter & return program . It has been so successful, thanks largely to the people of Pictou, that it has now become a maintenance site. Maintenance means that all colonies have successfully been trapped, neutered & return program. This has enabled us to expand our area to include all of Pictou County, as our funds and resources allow. To date, since inception CARMA has trapped, neutered & returned over 200 cats.

The Pictou County Chapter has a very diverse group of volunteers and members of all ages; starting at age 5, including working class as well as retired folks. Our meetings on the first Tuesday of the month are fun and informal. If you would like to find out more or find out what you can do to make a difference to cat overpopulation in Pictou County , please contact us.

With help from our technical support, interested people can now report online, any help needed & can apply directly for assistance from CARMA Pictou County Chapter. All applications will be considered based on current funds and volunteer availability.

What's New at Pictou Chapter
Here a few of the many events and updates from the Pictou Chapter of Cat Rescue Maritimes!

To contact the Pictou Chapter, please see our contact page for more information.