Fredericton Chapter

CARMA Fredericton began a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cat colonies in Greater Fredericton in 2007.  Since then we have spayed or neutered more than 7,000 colony cats and placed hundreds of adoptable non-feral colony  animals in good, responsible homes.  The territory we serve is marked on the map found under “Coverage” in the menu above.

To achieve our goal of at least 500 spay/neuters annually, we adopted a large-scale clinic model for our feral spay/neuter program, using trained volunteers and donated veterinary services.  Local animal hospitals host these events, enabling us to spay/neuter up to 70 cats in one morning.  Typically we stage four clinics, two in the spring and two in the fall.  The remainder of our spay/neuter surgeries are carried out through scheduled veterinary appointments at reduced fee.

Local veterinary support and an involved, committed community makes our program possible.  Nearly 200 volunteers from the Greater Fredericton community actively participate in the work of the chapter.  Our foster/adoption team operates year-round to provide homes for at-risk friendly cats and vulnerable kittens we have removed for humane reasons from our TNR sites.  For more information see “Adoptables” on the menu above and explore the links on the left of this page for Petfinder and Facebook.

If you are caring for or concerned about a stray or a group of free-roaming cats, check out How to Help a Stray Cat on the CARMA Home page of this website. Cats need food, water  and shelter to survive.  Plans for simple cat shelters — life savers in the winter months — are offered under Resources on the CARMA Home

It takes a community!  Join us!  You will learn some new skills, met some great human beings, encounter unforgettable cats.  The CARMA experience will change you as it changes life for the cats and the neighbourhoods they live in.

What's New at Fredericton Chapter
Here a few of the many events and updates from the Fredericton Chapter of Cat Rescue Maritimes!