A different kind of Cat Rescue

Homeless cat populations in the Maritimes as elsewhere in Canada and around the world have reached crisis proportions. Feral cats are an integral part of a global humane issue, but helping Community Cats requires a different approach.

CARMA focuses on feral population control through a Trap-Neuter-Return program. Our Foster/Adoption program allows us to place animals unable to survive colony conditions.
Our program is carried out through community-based chapters.

CARMA is an all-volunteer, registered charity operating in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia since 2007. Our purpose is to humanely reduce numbers and suffering in Community Cat populations and to assist individuals and communities struggling with cat colonies.

Our goal is to bring CARMA to every community in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia where feral cats exist. CARMA is a program, not a place. CARMA is not a shelter and is not involved in animal control.

Our organization exists only because of people like you! If you would like to donate, please complete the donation form below. Please specify which Chapter you wish your donation to go too by checking the box next to their name.