Pictou County Chapter

Happy kitties in Pictou County!!

There a lot of happy kitties in Pictou County!!!
Look at all that kitten & kitty food.

West Pictou Consolidated and Dr. WA MacLeod schools for the great job of collecting food for Pictou County ferals … one school outdid the other, but you are both winners in our books!!


Its time again for our annual SURF,TURF & SLURP draw . This would be great to win just in time for Father’s day or for a great family get together . Be sure to get your tickets at these locations as well as from any CARMA volunteer .

May 30 – Sobeys Pictou
June 3 – NSLC Pictou
June 9 & 10 – Walmart
June 14 – Giant Tiger

Also available at Pictou Vet Clinic & New Glasgow Flea Market.

Nova Scotia SPCA Mobile Clinic

The day April 10th, 2107, and, the magic number 34.

These amazing ladies, Jodi Strickland (ground left), Nicole Krane (ground middle), Jennifer Nolan (ground right), Dr. Alison Pollard (on step) – the dynamic team for the Nova Scotia SPCA Mobile Clinic, spayed/neutered 34 kitties on this day!!! 19 female kitties & 13 male kitties.

Thank you so very much for your time & care, in making life so much better for this colony of kitties!!!

Another Job Well Done By West Pictou Consolidated School

West Pictou Consolidated School did it again!! The Me to We group organized another cat food drive this year. How awesome is that! They collected 31 bags of dry food, 265 cans of soft food & over 50 bags of treats! That’s a lot of cat food! Our homeless cats will be eating well for awhile! Thank you to all of the students, teachers & parents who contributed to the food drive. This is such a thoughtful way to help our furry friends. You guys are the best!! ❤️