Backyard Strays

A stray cat in the backyard is an all-too-frequent occurrence and very troubling.  What can you do to help a homeless cat?

  • Make this cat your business.  If you see it in daytime it may well be a lost or an abandoned pet.  It needs  your help.
  • Set out food and water.  Cats need water, especially in winter.
  • Provide shelter.  Plans for easily constructed shelters are included on our Resources page.  A good shelter is a life-saver in winter if the cat cannot be brought inside.
  • Contact your local animal shelter to see if they have space for another stray or know about a lost cat.  CARMA cannot  take in strays, but your local chapter may well know of a lost pet and can offer advice or other kinds of assistance.
  • Read About Feral Cats on this site to better understand the stray in your backyard.